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Rachel Cammon (Dickerson) is a Ministry Leader, Writer, Missionary in Training, Worship Leader, Counselor, and Friend who seeks to inspire fellow Christ Followers (and those who know that Christ truly is All in All) to seek Him wholeheartedly and to not just believe but do His word and live radically for Him every day.

Rachel graduated from the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute (TCMI, a year-long ministry school located near the heart of downtown Los Angeles) in 2011 and has served since then in various ministry positions including Worship Leader, Children’s and Youth Ministry Leader, Young Adults Pastor and Campus Ministry Leader in the inner-cities of Los Angeles and other parts of the country. After graduating from TCMI Rachel has continued to pursue her theological studies through Global University and Vanguard University where she is majoring in Theological Studies and Early Childhood Development. Rachel also completed a 5 month Worship Internship with Arise Worship Internship in 2013. In her time in ministry, Rachel has served in a leadership position at over ten different churches and ministries around the country. Currently, Rachel lives in Virginia with her husband and baby.

Favorite Quote:
“People think I’m crazy. They say ‘You take this Jesus thing too seriously ‘… Well I don’t know, but Christ took me pretty seriously when He died for me on that cross”
– Unknown Author

Favorite Verse:
“This is Eternal Life to Know Him, the One True God, and Jesus Christ, Whom He has Sent”
– John 17:3

Three Interesting facts about Rachel:

- Birthplace: Kaneohe, HI
- Started college at the age of 16
- Sings, plays the piano, guitar, bass, and drums

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"This is not a self-help book, but a get out of self book"


Rachel Cammon


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